How to design a startup from scratch?

Kudret Keskin
4 min readJun 28, 2019


Flick is a new generation B2B and B2C delivery system solutions.

We designed the app, branding, packaging, print materials and worked on the website.

With the live dashboard, mobile payment, navigation, courier tracking, retail management tools etc. for UI / UX design.

Flick is a globally targeted initiative of a multinational investment group based in Kuwait, Dubai and Bahrain. In this sense, they chose for digital transformation and the development of new products.

We assist Flick’s diverse teams in the user experience, interface design and branding of Flick, a b2b / b2c distribution service on an innovative, timely demand.

We designed the entire project from scratch, iOS and Android applications to the web interface and branding. So we designed the digital network.

Flick has made the user’s life easier by reducing the easy and practical shopping method to minutes, and has provided a unique distribution and order tracking network system for restaurants and markets that want to expand their business.

User Interface
We designed an intuitive interface so that the user can easily request delivery and track their orders in three simple steps. We were able to quickly achieve repetition and prototyping, and work closely with all stakeholders to achieve a winning design without months of research.

Driver interface
We have created a simple design that requires the least amount of action for a driver to accept a job.

Web application for businesses
We have designed and created a dashboard application for businesses to request, track and manage deliveries. By understanding customer needs and existing workflows in the industry, we have created a known experience that makes it incredibly easy to use the service.

Delivery status on web & mobile devices
Each sales order creates a unique link that can be shared with employees and customers. In this way, all stakeholders can monitor the delivery status in real time.

In total, we’ve designed more than 30 icons for Flick. We created them by choosing from traditional, accepted meanings and icons.

The Flick brand is inspired by what it means to be a distribution company. So the logo’s agile lines and the Flick name reflect being fast.

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