Hello Friends,

I’ve been designing interface for 15 years.
I am the founder of my design company www.Projectmind.co. I am also the designer and co-founder of a company called www.ottosmartlab.com which develops smart home and office products.

This is where I publish my works that I share on the monthly Dribbble.

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01 — Lightning App


This interface provides the experience to adjust the light tones.

02 — Allows user to accept delivery fee…


It is important that the confirmation screen remains simple and secure.

03 — Enters Additional Info For Delivery Location


User selected delivery location and enters additional info for courier.

04 — Pattern for Brand System


Branding on home services in an attempt to make it.
And the pattern language created with the icons I use in it.

05 — Icons


Branding on home services in an attempt to make it.
And the icon design language created.

I have prepared and categorized these icon designs for the application. I got a special language.

06 — UI Cards


I made UI Cards for Goals and Saving, Spending Money Control App.

I work as a side project on an app that will encourage users, fun and savings.

07 — Guidelines


On Design Systems, i’ve been hard at work a new Guidelines for home appliances app.

08 — Delivery App


Flick is a new generation B2B and B2C delivery system solutions.

We designed the app, branding, packaging, print materials and worked on the website.

With the live dashboard, mobile payment, navigation, courier tracking, retail management tools etc. for UI / UX design.

09 — Dash Screen


This Dashboard and Landing Page is designed 2 years ago for Alibaba partners, the user can see the latest transaction.

10 — Mobile App Guidelines


On Design Systems, i’ve been hard at work a new mobile app Guidelines for home appliances app.

I designed the interface and digital branding of this project.

My other shots about it
- Guidelines (colors, icon, font etc.)
- Pattern and Icons
- Iconography (2d)

11 — Food Delivery App Module 01


Flexible UI Modules for delivery app.

I designed the interface and digital branding of this project.

My other shots about it
- Delivery App
- Flick | Brand Book

12 — Driver App for Delivery Company


An application I designed for drivers to capture opportunities and experience interface functions.

13 — Branding Identity For Food Delivery App


In my Dropbox, I found the logo and story creation that I made for the delivery app a few years ago and wanted to share it.

You can see my alternative here. This is approved :)

What you like?


Sushi, Pizza, Salads etc. 👌 🍕🍔🍗🍣

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