Weekly Inspiration — 01

Why am I writing such an article?

No matter how many links I tried to collect in a bucket, I didn’t take notes, but after a while they became steam. I’m not organized about it from time to time.

I believe I will write a series here regularly. I read the articles or shared, followed by the designers or how I feel from their designs …

In summary, as a designer and entrepreneur will bring my life to a better point, I intend to share whatever inspiration.


Worldbeing was a project that caught my attention. If I have time, I want to re-design to try something new.

The World Trust is a wearable and app for the Carbon Trust that tracks carbon usage, empowering consumers to make better decisions and driving real change.

Link: https://layerdesign.com/project/worldbeing/#top-page

Getting Started with Design Systems — eBook

A free book that’s simple in structure, human in explanation

What does it take to build a Design System?
They’ve been proven to help teams drive faster development, eliminate inconsistency, save money and reduce knowledge silos. Un-arguably, it’s a win-win situation. But how do you get started? We’re proud to present an introductory guide to Design Systems, created to remove the overwhelming overhead a task like this can have.

MarvelApp team has prepared a guiding, useful book. You can either upvote on Product Hunt or download directly from here.

Tech birthdays in June 2019

Dark Mode Banking App

I think the Dark Mode options will be a challenge for designers in the future, and in this sense, color and typography perceptions and brightness settings will affect our designs.

Designer — Nicklas Ernst (owner of the above design) — With Apple releasing Dark Mode on iOS 13 across all native apps and with the release of SwiftUI, we thought it would be cool to highlight just how great dark interfaces look (beyond its functional background of course).

Dashboard Design

A soft dashboard design featuring typography. Sometimes color and typography is enough for a designer.

Designer — Pascal Gärtner

My Last Dribbble Shots

You may want to see the Delivery App mobile interface design that I designed for a period.

Did you see that?
The work I shared on Dribbble last month.

If you’re interested in interface design, check out my Dribbble.com/kudreto page. I’d be happy if you followed.

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If you want to contact my mail address kudret@projectmind.co




Be inspired by with design thinking and better living. #Entrepreneur . #Designer . #Curious . #Startups . #ui . #ux . #IoT . https://dribbble.com/kudreto .

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Kudret Keskin

Kudret Keskin

Be inspired by with design thinking and better living. #Entrepreneur . #Designer . #Curious . #Startups . #ui . #ux . #IoT . https://dribbble.com/kudreto .