Weekly Inspiration — 02

Jony where are you going?

I think the biggest news of last week was Jony Ive’s departure from Apple. Jony, we appreciate you changing our lives by designing amazing Apple products. I’m excited about what you’re going to do next.

If you think of roses, you are a rosegarden. — Rumi


If you think of roses, you are a rosegarden.

- Mewlana Celaluddin-i Rumi

What I understand is that life is the life you see. So your thoughts are emotions. This is your brain’s only plan for survival. The soul has the heart, and if you listen to yourself, it will tell you the way. Every moment thoughts create emotion. You can poison yourself with assumptions. Your whole body, even your whole life, is just a thought. You think and get angry, you get angry, you feel weak and inadequate … You think and love, you love, you feel strong and creative … The choice is yours

Malika Favre


Did you see Uber’s new app design for drivers?


Wunder Carpool App


My Last Dribbble Shots

You may want to see the Delivery App mobile interface design that I designed for a period.

Driver App for Delivery Company in Dubai and Bahrain

For more information about this project, please see this content. — How to design a startup from scratch?


Guidelines for iOS App

On Design Systems, i’ve been hard at work a new mobile app Guidelines for home appliances app.




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